If a company refuses to return your money, ask for an address where you can send them a written complaint. Then dust off your keyboard and sit down to write your initial complaint letter. You should address this letter to the company, and it should contain all of the following information:

  • the name and model number (if any) of the product or service you purchased
  • the date and store location where you made the purchase (if you can remember the salesperson's name - damn, you're good - include that, too)
  • the purchase price of the item and the amount of the refund you are requesting
  • an explanation of why you want/deserve a refund
  • a detailed account of your first attempt to obtain a refund (make sure to include the name of the person you spoke to - we told you to write it down - and the reason they gave you for not returning your money)
  • a copy of the receipt for the product (don't send the original - keep that for your files)

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