Even though your first apartment probably won't look like it jumped off the pages of an interior design magazine, there's no reason it can't have a cohesive theme that says something about your tastes and makes the most of what you have to work with. By combining hand-me-downs from friends and relatives with the right supplementary pieces, you can create a convincing version of one of the following styles. Really, you can! First find out what you can scam for free, and then figure out how these items can be incorporated into your look of choice. A few youth-friendly styles to consider:

  • Eclectic - Also known as the "thrift shop" look, eclectic is a popular choice for many first-time apartment dwellers. It mixes the vintage with the new, the ugly with the stylish, the practical with the weird. Your end tables don't match? No problem. Your sofa is paisley and your pillows are striped? That's fine. Eclectic can look kind of hip and bohemian if it's done right, and awful if it's done wrong. Either you're born with the talent for it, or you're not. If you don't want to take the risk, move on.

  • Traditional - The traditional style is just what you think it would be - matching wood furniture, a comfy plaid couch, and colorful, coordinating accessories. Smart, functional and straightforward, apartments done in this style tend to look friendly and pulled-together. And your mom would like it.

  • Ethnic - Why not add a little international flavor to your crib? Go for an Asian look, with paper lanterns, hand-painted tables and curtains made from kimono fabric. If India is more your speed, try Batik-print pillows, velvet drapes and plenty of candles. Pretty swanky, eh?

  • Minimalist - If you're a sucker for all things sleek, consider the minimalist look. Picture this: A black leather couch, a postmodern painting on the wall, and a glass coffee table holding nothing but an empty vase. Knickknacks? No way. Curtains? Just vertical blinds, please. The minimalist look is chic and clean, but can also appear kind of cold and unhomey.

  • Kitsch - This style is definitely for people with a sense of humor. We're talking hula girl statues, Elvis lamps and taxi cab telephones. Kitsch is over-the-top, cartoonish, playful, and cheesy. Total Vegas. It's achieved almost exclusively through accessories (and tons of 'em!), so keep your furniture basic so it can serve as a backdrop. If you collect things, then this is definitely for you.

  • Interest-specific - Have a passion you'd like to flaunt? Decor to the rescue. Football fanatic? Paint goal posts on the wall and hang up some helmets. Film buff? Do an entire room in movie posters. If you like this approach - but think it seems a little too obsessive - test it out in the bathroom, where the stakes aren't as high. This way, instead of freaking your guests out when they first walk in, you can do so when they're a captive audience.