All right, the time has come for you to make the purchase! But before you go running to the nearest computer store, we've got some more lecturing to do. First off, there's no need to run to the nearest computer store. It's actually recommended that you do your shopping online because there is much more variety and you'll find better deals.


You can visit online computer stores like CDW, Office Depot, Geeks.com, and CompUSA, or you can go straight to some top computer manufacturers (listed alphabetically):

Before settling on a purchase, it's a good idea to compare brands at sites like Pricescan.com or Cnet.com, which are designed to give you unbiased opinions on quality and price. And check out this article for some general safe online shopping tips.


You could run out of the store with laptop in hand and never look back, but you could also run around naked in a lightening storm. We suggest you do neither. Instead, always remember to ask for a detailed written explanation of the company's warranty, especially if you're shopping at a Mom and Pop's Laptops. The warranty should cover details like who installs replacement parts, who pays for return shipping for major repairs, and for how long your computer is covered.


When buying something as expensive as a laptop, it's always a good idea to pay by credit card. If there's a problem with your purchase or delivery, the Fair Credit Billing Act states that buyers have 60 days from the occurrence of the problem in which to report the details in writing. It's not the end of the world if you come across a problem with a purchase you made by check, money order, debit card, or (gulp!) cash, but it's easiest to enforce your rights as a consumer if you pay by credit card.

And now you have a solid laptop computer. Now you can run around naked in a lightning storm. Just don't bring your new laptop… we wouldn't want to see it get hurt.