How many calories are stored in a pound of body fat?
Around 3,500

What's the most weight I can safely lose per week?
Trying to lose more than 2 pounds per week is unhealthy and will likely be unsuccessful.

How can I determine how many calories my body needs per day to neither gain nor lose weight?
Add your basal metabolic rate, the calories burned through activity, and the calories burned by digestion.

How can I find my basal metabolic rate?
Multiply your body weight by 12 if you are a man; 11 if you are a woman.

How can I determine the number of calories I burn through activity?
Multiply one-third of your body weight by the number of hours in which you don't sleep (usually around 16). Add to this the calories burned through an exercise program.

How can I determine the number of calories I burn through digestion?
Add your basal metabolic rate and calories burned through activity and multiply by 10%.

Does the same formula apply for young people?
No. Young people have higher basal metabolic rates. Creating diet plans for teenagers is a bit more complicated than for adults and should only be done with the aid of a physician.

How can I calculate the number of calories I consume in a day?
You can get the caloric value of foods either from the package (if it's store-bought) or through books listing caloric values of different foods. Make sure to keep track of everything you consume, including drinks.

How many calories do I burn in a half hour of exercise?
A 150-pund person will burn between 150 (walking) and 400 (bicycling rapidly) calories in a half-hour. The numbers are higher for heavier people.

How can I keep the weight I've lost off?
You don't need to keep track of everything you eat, but avoid fatty foods and empty calories in drinks. Couple this sensible eating with exercise 3 days a week and you should stay slim.

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