There is a wide variety of free online games and many web sites that contain them on the Internet. It's only a matter of finding a good, reliable website and an interesting, fun game to play. There are also many different types and styles of Internet games on the World Wide Web. You must have a reliable Internet connection and a good idea of the type of game you want to play before you start your search though, or you may find yourself in the middle of a game that either freezes, or with a game that you really don't like that much.One of the most obvious ideas is to simply get online and search for free gaming websites. The Internet is full of them, and while they may offer exclusive games for a fee, most of their games are free online.

Some popular gaming sites are: Grab is a website that offers nearly 1,500 free online games.Game Rival offers a large selection of casual games including puzzle games and card and board games. Arcade Town allows you to win prizes playing their games.Heavy Games is a good site for playing games while at work.These sites have free games as long as you set up a user name and password with them. Also try looking for sites that are produced by product makers like Candystand, the website for Willy Wonka candies like Nerds and Shocktarts. Many times companies produce free games site to advertise their products. The games are fun and always free and there are no limitations on how long you can play.


There are many different types of free online games on the Internet. If you are into sports, many free sites have baseball, hockey, football and many other sport games. There are also games for people who like strategy games like Tetris or Columns. Strategy games are usually one of the most addicting types of games because most people keep trying to beat their high score.

You can find specific games like:

Belle's Beauty Boutique

Gold Miner

Cake Mania

Diner Dash

Most websites will categorize their games into sections. Find the section that contains the type of game that you want to play, and browse in there for something that you think you'd like to play. Look for user ratings to see what other players thought of the game, or just try it out for yourself and make your own judgment.

Start a free account

Many sites like Yahoo Games and Shockwave Games have a wide variety of free games but require you to start a free membership. You can start a free membership by clicking on "become a member" when prompted to do so before starting a game. A membership will allow you greater access to free games and it will allow you to enter contests for prizes if you get high score on games. You can also play games with other people who are logged in.

Be aware that some sites will ask you to pay for a membership. There are some game websites that will make you pay a monthly fee to play their games once you've begun playing. They will ask you to join for a certain dollar amount per year. If you are prompted to pay a fee to play the games press the back button on your browser and go back to the search engine page, as there are many sites that do not require a paid subscription.