When looking for the perfect home, you may find the one that suits you best is not on the market. You've tried various towns and types of homes but nothing seems to work. Before you begin to get overly frustrated, there's always the option of purchasing land and building your own home. If you decide to build your own home it will be necessary to draw up floor plans so your home will be exactly what you've dreamed of, and can afford.This process can be very long and tedious if you don't know what you are doing. This SYW will attempt to curb any confusion by providing you with the necessary steps to complete the floor plans for your dream home to the best of your ability within a reasonable amount of time.


Before even thinking of the type of house you would like to build, it is important to have land to build it on. It would be wise to consult your bank loan officer or mortgage broker to discuss how much you can afford when purchasing a piece of land for your home. After this discussion takes place and you have an amount in mind there are simple steps to get you through the rest of this process.

1. Make a list of features you want out of the land. This might include how much space you need, privacy, a view, waterfront advantages, etc. Be sure to check the type of soil that the ground is made of as certain types of soil will make construction difficult and more costly.

2. Determine land usage- This includes what you want to place on the land including your house, recreation, garage, etc. Check to ensure that utilities can be easily run to the land. If the utility company must re-route things to make your land habitable it could take a huge chunk out of your budget.

3. Begin your search- Once you've followed through with the previous steps; begin looking for For Sale signs. Drive around areas you would like to live and look for property that is available. You can also search online. Land and Farm has access to available land all over the world. You can also check with a local Realtor to aid you in your search.

4. Purchase land- Once you've found land you would like to build your dream house on, talk to your bank loan officer or mortgage broker and close the deal on your piece of land.