Dr. Agatston's South Beach Diet is growing in popularity every day. No one can argue its heart healthy benefits but many people with healthy hearts and blood sugar use the South Beach Diet to improve their appearance. Up to twenty pounds can be shed in the first two weeks. To begin your South Beach Diet, you must get a support system, understand the concepts and journey through the phases.


You will need the support of someone to help you keep going when the fun of starting the program has worn off. Talk to your friends and family to find motivation. The people you share cupboards with are especially important. Ask them to encourage healthy eating or at least keep their junk food out of your face. If a friend or family agrees to try the diet with you, try to motivate each other.

Maybe you are having trouble finding the encouragement you desire. Don't worry. Join the South Beach Diet Online. They will provide you with a group to communicate with and even a beach buddy who starts the diet the same time you do. You can discuss topics of concern or interest, as well as receive answers from qualified dieticians to any questions you may have. You can even get fitness tips.

Another tool for success is to keep a journal. This may come in handy especially in the second and third phases to call attention to problematic foods and situations. Keep a journal through stressful times. A journal tool is available on South Beach Diet Online. Ask yourself why you want to start the South Beach Diet and what goals you hope to achieve. Record this information to help motivate yourself. You may even consider taking a picture to remind you of your progress.