1. Number storage - can the phone hold an address book of frequently called numbers? If so, how many can it hold?

  2. Voice mail - does it include the ability for callers to leave voice messages?

  3. Text messaging - does it have the option for callers to leave text messages? (Text messaging is a service that callers can choose where they speak a message, and it is typed verbatim by the service, and appears on your screen.)

  4. Fax capabilities - can you hook up your phone and send faxes?

  5. Caller ID - can you see the number of the person who called when they called?

  6. Paging - can your phone double up as a pager?

  7. Call waiting - does it have it?

  8. Conference calling - does it have it?

  9. E-mail - can you hook a computer up to your phone and get Internet/e-mail access?

  10. Insurance - some phones can be pretty expensive, so if something happens to yours, will you be covered?

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