Long Range Items

  1. Find a place to live [at least 6 weeks before Moving Day]

  2. Reroute your magazine subscriptions. If you're lucky, the magazine's website might have an online form you can fill out. Also, don't forget to reroute the rest of your mail: credit card bills, car payments, insurance plans, etc. [MD minus 4 weeks]

  3. Consult your employer's moving policy. [MD minus 4 weeks]

  4. Book your travel arrangements [MD minus 4 weeks]

Medium Range Items

  1. Set up new insurance policies. If you've got a car, you'll need to adjust your insurance policies to take into account your move. [MD minus 2 weeks]

  2. Set up your new utilities. Call the phone company and have your phone connection start a day or two before you get there. You may also need to set up gas, electricity, water, cable, and trash collection at the new place. You can get the number for all these utilities from the Yellow Pages; for new cable, try callling 1-888-668-3759. [MD minus 10 days]

  3. Get a map showing you how to get to your new place [MD minus 5 days]

Close Combat

  1. Sign your new lease. [MD minus 1 day]

  2. Make a list of things to buy. Particularly remember food and cleaning products. [MD minus 1 day]

  3. Reserve the service elevator in your new building. [MD minus 1 day]

  4. Open a new bank account [MD plus 1 day]

  5. Get your driver's licenses and plates changed. [MD plus 1 day]

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