Picking a headpiece (a.k.a. "veil") is like picking a new hairstyle; it must flatter your face, not overpower it. When choosing your headpiece, remember that it must conform not only to the dress, it must also flatter and complement your face.

  • OVAL FACES: You can wear almost any style headpiece.
  • LONG FACES: A band or wreath is recommended, as it softens the shape of the face.
  • ROUND FACES: Again, bands or wreaths work. Tiaras also look elegant on women with round faces.

A few other things to keep in mind:

1. Most bridal consultants recommend the Juliet cap with a short veil for a bride who is slightly overweight or short.

2. A full, puffy veil is flattering with a band or wreath.

3. The long cathedral veil doubles as the dress's train.

4. The chapel veil, which is three yards long, looks best with a long-sleeved, full-length gown.

5. An elbow-length or fingertip-length veil looks best with short-sleeved wedding dresses, or dresses with low-cut backs.

6. If you plan to dance at your wedding, choose a veil that can be snapped off at the headpiece.

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