Burritos- A tortilla wrapped around a filling of meat, beans, rice and vegetables.

Chalupa- A fried tortilla topped with meat, vegetables and cheese.

Enchilada- A tortilla dipped in a chile sauce wrapped around a filling of cheese and meat or beans, sometimes topped with more cheese and sauce.

Flauta- A tortilla wrapped around a meat or bean filling which is then fried.

Gordita- A sandwich made from fried flatbread that forms a pocket. The pocket can be stuffed with anything filling that you like.

Quesadilla- A tortilla filled with cheese, meat, or vegetables then folded over and cooked on a griddle.

Tacos- A tortilla folded in half with a filling of meat or beans and cheese.

Tamales- Masa in a corn husk wrapped in a packet filled with meat or beans and vegetables which is then steamed.

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