Do celebrities like Britney Spears fascinate you? Do you wonder about the lives of celebrities before, during, and after fame? You are not alone. Many people claim to have a favorite actor or actress and most have a favorite singer (like Britney Spears) or band. Maybe a personality dazzles you. Celebrities are constantly in the spotlight and it doesn't matter if they handle themselves with grace or their life is a complete train-wreck (which is usually more fun); they fascinate the general public. Want to learn more about them? There are a number of ways to get more information.


Turn on the TV. Celebrity overwhelms television programming, from places typically expected to see your favorite celebrities (TV shows and movies) to the rare and wild (reality shows and uncensored footage). Celebrities are everywhere, even on the evening news. Celebrities are frequent headliners on American daily news covering topics ranging from the serious to the absurd and the obscene. There are even networks devoted entirely to celebrity in many different aspects.

Head to the newsstand. Celebrity magazines are EVERYWHERE. Ranging from serious to bawdy, you are sure to find a publication that suits your desire to know more and has your targeted celebrity mentioned. Keep in mind-not everything you read is necessarily true. If a story you read seems too far-fetched to believe, it is probably false. Double-check the story in a couple of sources before you accept the story as fact.

Go to a book store or the library. Many celebrities have either written books or have had books written about them. These may be more valuable sources of truthful information than magazines and the Internet because presumably most books are fact checked to avoid any liability issues. If the title includes the word unauthorized you may want to take care as to believing everything you read.

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